COMMENT: University life a choice not regretting

University may not have been an easy choice to make, but over the past year, it has been a decision worth taking.

Life as a first-year degree student has been a different kettle of fish than first thought; tonnes of support, forming new friendships and best of all, learning in an ideal and comfortable environment.

Although nervous of what to anticipate back in September 2016, receiving these beneficiaries has made learning at Post-18 level an enjoyable journey so far.

The convenience of the location is also second to none, providing the opportunity to study in the comforts of your own home, one major reason for choosing University Centre Peterborough ahead of other more established institutions.

Even though the Multimedia Journalism course could have included other additions in its first year, understanding the core skills, plus the impact of modern technology on the industry, as made me want to pursue my aspirations of becoming a sports journalist even more.

On top of this, the level of teaching and guidance could not have been any more efficient in striving to achieve one of my personal goals in succeeding at university, with the added benefit of learning from a miniature class size.

It’s these reasons that I hope to continue making progress as a trainee journalist.