Future looks bright for the Lilies ahead of redevelopment

It has been an idea in the making, but after a lengthy wait, Chatteris Town’s plans for a refurbished clubhouse will finally come to light.

The announcement comes after the club received a £75,000 grant from Sport England in May, with discussions for developing the facilities taking place.

Lisa Salisbury, treasurer at Chatteris Town, said: “We have once again sustained financial stability and finally received the go-ahead from Sport England for our improvements.

“It is hoped that this will raise the profile of the club in the town. We can now look at improvements around the ground and the pitch.”

Improving off the pitch is one of the key targets, having seen progression on it in recent times.

Lester Kent, director of football at the club, said: “I would hope the club continues the progress it has made over the last two years.

“The club is going from strength to strength. It will be difficult to match the last two years, but we will certainly try.”

Although developments may improve the club, there is another area that is still a worry.

“The refurbished clubroom could bring more revenue, but the car parking is still problematic”, Kent said.

“Better facilities, more functions, getting more people involved and hiring out the facilities to other groups are all possible.”

Ash Taylor
Aspiring bigger: Taylor wants his side to play higher at the earliest opportunity (Credit: Steve Snell)

In terms of on the field, there is room for optimism after the Lilies’ success last season.

“Our future aspirations are promotion to the Eastern Counties or the United Counties League”, Lilies boss Ashley Taylor said.

“I have told the club that if the opportunity is there, then we want to go up.

“With the improvements to the facilities now ready to happen, this club is a very good place to be at.”

It’s not just the first-team who have future ambitions of their own, however.

“The Reserves are through to the next round of a cup competition and hopefully they can finish near the top of their league”, Salisbury added.

“The A Team are near the top of their league, so let’s hope they can keep that up.”

The possible benefits of a successful club could also assist financially, according to Kent.

“A winning team gets publicity, helps gain sponsors and brings a few more people to watch at West Street, plus increased revenue and new players to the club”, he said.