REACTION: A decision Taylor-made to perfection

It’s been a memorable spell in charge of Chatteris Town for Ashley Taylor.

Two seasons, one promotion, three cups and Step Six ambitions have made an arrival of a young, promising manager turn out to become arguably one of the most successful bosses in the club’s history, in such a short space of time.

His decision to step down from managerial duties may have been a shock at first, considering how far the club has moved on since Taylor took over in 2015, but in his opinion, this was a plan in the making.

“After four years of management, I felt like I needed a break”, he said.

“This was something I have been thinking about for a while and now, I feel the time is right.

“Some people may find my decision to take a step back a little strange, but I am only doing this for the benefit of the football club and I’m confident it will all work out.”

It seems a new resurgence continuing on from the project that Taylor built may well look to carry on into the future, hoping to advance even further into new and improved territory, on and off the field.

Eyes are now firmly in place to search for the successor to Taylor’s throne, trying to build on the status of a football club that is ever-growing and heading in a forward direction, not looking back.

But with this in mind, it seems surprising that the current crop of youthful and able Lilies are unlikely to wilt in light of recent events, let alone due to a top-four spot becoming increasingly out of reach.

Speaking on whether his players could be affected by the news, Taylor stated: “We had a meeting last week, they fully understand my reasons and I will be asking them to finish the season strongly.”

Aspirations to achieve big may be the aim for a club on the up, with Taylor to move into his new role as Director of Football from the 2017-18 campaign as The Lilies plan ahead for their second successive season in the Kershaw Premier Division.

I know what we need to take Chatteris Town to the next level

His expertise from the dugout is set to transfer over to the stands, and one of the main ways of giving something back to the new chief(s) coming into West Street could be useful, as well as futuristic.

“My aim for next year will be to assist the first-team the best way I possibly can, to support the new manager and to make the experience enjoyable for the new management team and players”, Taylor said.

“I know what we need to take Chatteris Town to the next level.

“I feel we need more players, but the players we require I am unable to attract, so we will be looking to find a new manager that can strengthen the squad.

“I will also be looking to make all the teams stronger and I’m very passionate about youth football, which is something we will start on next season.”

So all’s well that ends well for a man that has accomplished something that will be noted in the Lilies’ book of all-time memories.

It’s not often you hear one man achieve so much in the time it has taken Ashley Taylor to fire one team to glorious success, but as they say, anything is possible these days.




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