Year One in FE: What went well and what can be improved?

During my first year in further education, there was a specific aspect that went well personally, with others needing to be improved for the following academic year.

One area that was successful was independent working. At the beginning of year one, I felt that I required more advice and support on the different tasks and independent study. However, as time progressed, so did my ability to complete assignments and achieve deadlines without a large amount of help. I was able to do this through developing my understanding of the tasks and used my ever-growing journalistic skills to complete the work at hand.

An improvement that can be made is the level of focus during lessons. During most sessions in year one, I seemed to feel easily distracted and not draw my maximum attention to the task/s. Although I still gained my personal targets, I feel greater success could be achieved by being solely determined on doing the best I possibly can in my final year at college.

Team working and co-operating within a group was another weakness that I think needs to be improved. When in group activities and discussions, I felt uncomfortable when sharing ideas to people I did not know. However, I know that socialising is an important skill to have in nearly any situation, which is why I feel interacting with others can be a personal long-term benefit.

In terms of organisation, I feel I could complete assignments before the deadline. By doing this, I would become more time-efficient and able to manage other tasks more capably and simultaneously.


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