Ten tips for self-presentation at interviews

Have you ever wondered what the best way to present yourself is at a job interview? Or perhaps you wanted to know how to improve your presentation at a job interview?

Knowing how to appear, act and speak correctly during an interview are vital skills you will need when applying for any job. If you do have a struggle in how to “sell” yourself to an employer, maybe you would want to know how to overcome this problem in order to get the job first time.

One of the first things to do, even before arriving at the destination, is to be prepared. Make sure you are fully focused on the task at hand and bring your CV and/or covering letter to show the employer what you are made of.

As you first enter the door, you want to make a positive impact on the employer straight away, so dress appropriately. If the job you are applying for requires you to work in an office environment, wear a suit and tie to create a smart appearance and so on, just to impress.

Being punctual to a job interview, even if it is your hundredth time in this situation, is crucial. You want to make a good impression at first sight so remember to arrive at the destination around 10 minutes before the actual time just to be safe.

When you first meet the employer, always greet them as a sign of politeness. Discovering an applicant sounds or acts disrespectful early on could prove costly, so make sure you act in a way that is liked.

Whatever the employer has to say, whatever relevance towards the interview, always keep an ear open. This way, you will become less distracted by other things in the room and you remain interested in knowing about the job role.

Listening may be a key skill, but so is eye contact. During the whole of the interview, always give the employer eye contact (not a constant stare), then they will know that you are focused and interested in what is discussed.

Whilst in conversation, don’t let your nerves get the better of you. Try to stay calm and composed so that you are not thinking about other things as well as creating a confident image of yourself.

If you want to advertise yourself, speak properly and use formal language. The interviewer will expect a formal approach, which using typical slang doesn’t replicate.

Trying to be too formal isn’t a good idea when speaking in an interview, so don’t over-complicate your language. Even using the simple terms work if you’re promoting your qualities for the job, not every minute of a job interview is an impression contest.

And finally, the main purpose of an interview is to advertise you. Describe, explain or discuss to the employer what you have to offer to the job, why you are the ideal person for the role and what positive aspects you have that make you the person you are.

Presenting yourself in any job interview is very important, but doing it in the right way is what’s necessary which these tips will help you with in the near or distant future.








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